How To Order

For more information, please contact us directly at (+976) 9404 0561


Search for and find anything you need filtering products by category/collection or use the search bar for more specific results.


Once you've constructed your shopping list, make sure to double check for misclicks. For any concerns or special requests for your order, you can add a note at the bottom of your shopping list.


Enter your delivery address and contact information with any necessary notes for your driver in checkout.

Your order will be ready for delivery within 24 hours, depending on the time of order and current waitlist.


Once we've confirmed your order, we'll contact you with your total charge and bank information.

*Please note that the amount that appears at checkout is for reference only and will vary from your actual total. 


Most deliveries leave at 16:30-17:00. Depending on traffic, the driver's route, etc., delivery times are between 17:00 and 22:00.


Yay! It's here.

Your driver will try their best to maintain social distance upon delivery.

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