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1 piece is ≈ 120 grams. Average of 8 pieces per kg 1 ширхэг дундаж жин ≈ 120 грам. 1кг-д ≈ 8 ширхэг Oxtail is a peculiar and wonderful piece of meat. It's literally the tail of the steer, or any type of cattle these days, making it thick at one end and skinny at the other with a bone running down the center. Oxtail is sold cut into sections, which means you'll usually get a few big meaty pieces and a few really little ones. Although this used to be mainly eaten only by the poor, oxtail's appeal has been discovered by chefs and gourmands and is now an expensive item in the butcher shop. It is the perfect cut for braising dishes.

Ox Tail

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